Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas is approaching!

Christmas is almost here!

With Christmas less then eight weeks away its time to prepare for the holiday season and the changes that it brings. You’ve most likely already felt the nip in the air, seen the large coats come out and even had to turn up the heating gages yourselves to keep warm. Winter has arrived and it will only get colder and colder over the coming weeks.

Unfortunately with the cold comes the dreading heating bills. We have witnessed heating bills go up each year annually and that’s set to only get worse and worse. The last thing you want to do around Christmas time is waste money on bills, it’s a time to celebrate and enjoy the end of the year with family.

With the installation of Secondary Glazing you would see a drop in your heating bills as your home becomes better insulated. This doesn’t only apply in residential settings, commercial business and industries that upgrade to Secondary Glazing see the benefits of having lower fuel costs on heating and happier employee’s who stay warm while the wind blows outside.

Not do we see a drop in temperature at this time of year we sadly see a rise in crime too. The number of break-ins and burglary’s during the holiday period always see’s a rise. With criminals choosing whom to target based upon the home and its features. If your home or business looks an easy target, you will become a victim. One-way to detour criminals and not become a victim is Secondary Glazing.

The installation of Secondary Glazing scares away would be criminals and allows you to have peace of mind during the holiday’s either when you are at home or away with family and friends. There are also more benefits that Secondary Glazing can offer with no drawbacks there is really no excuse to not upgrade!

Upgrade before Christmas and see the benefits straight away, contact us on 0845 900 3899 or visit our website for more factual information and to arrange installation.


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