Thursday, 28 March 2013

Granada foundations!

Granada started in 1992 with the aim of becoming specialists in the design, manufacture, supply & installation of secondary glazing. To this day Granada are now the largest manufacturers & installers of secondary windows in the UK, Eire & The Channel Islands, producing circa 35,000 secondary double glazed units during 2012 with peaks of production reaching 1,000 secondary windows per week!

Environmentally, secondary glazing achieves a winning combination when compared to replacement double glazing. Using an energy efficient glass such as Pilkington K Low E, secondary glazing achieves thermal insulation equal to replacement double glazing.

The manufacturing processes create far less CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Additionally, the original windows are preserved, which. Increases the environmental payback from their original manufacture and keeps them out of landfill sites, helping to keep pollution low and save on the environment!

Granada secondary glazing products & services actually make a difference in peoples’ lives providing cost effective thermal & noise insulation improving both their living & working conditions. Plus they add to window security, condensation control & preserve our building heritage.


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