Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Secondary Glazing by Granada Changes Lives!

Our secondary glazing products & services actually make a difference in peoples’ lives: providing cost effective thermal & noise insulation, improving both their living & working conditions. Plus they add to window security, condensation control & preserve our building heritage.

If you are seeking to improve security, we offer our “Secondary Home Security Window” range with up-rated security specifications to meet those requirements.

The rate of domestic burglaries has been steadily increasing - however, most are “spur of the moment” crimes, rather than planned, professional, determined attacks.

Secondary glazing provides an additional, visible, physical barrier to forced entry which is almost impossible to open from outside. The frames are made from tough aluminium & securely fixed to resist forcing.

Glazing with laminated glass ensures that, although a window pane can be cracked or even shattered, it will stay in one piece and it will stay in place in the aluminium frame. Internal key operated locks prevent forcing of the opening sashes of the secondary windows with trickle ventilators or key operated limit stops for locking the sashes into a slightly open position for ventilation offer protection during the night.

The results from upgrading to secondary glazing are immediate! Real home window security, far less obtrusive than security grilles. Secondary glazing is designed and fitted to blend into its’ surroundings. It is discreet, unobtrusive & sympathetic to character properties and does not usually require Conservation Area or Listed Building Planning Permission. And unlike burglar alarms, it is not affected by pets or small children.

To inquire please please telephone us between the hours of 9.00am & 5.00pm Monday to Friday on:

                         01246 453 209 or Freephone 0800 107 5519

Please leave a message out of hours – it will be responded to promptly the next working day!

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