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Secondary Glazing for Fire Resistant Windows

Granada Fire Safety!

Granada experience has not only covered the basic's of saving money and making your home more secure from criminals. We also have experience within making window safety for disasters. When a fire strikes you are never fully prepared. There will always be that shock and panic of the moment.

Our windows are designed to uphold against high temperature situations such as a fire for between and up to 30 to 60 minutes. Don't take a chance when you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your business!

Fire Resistance!
When refurbishments, conversions & extensions are being carried out, the existing windows can be upgraded rather than replaced by installing fire resistant secondary glazing units that have been 30 or 60 minute fire resistance tested in accordance with BS476: Parts 20/22.

Building Regulations - Material Change of Us!

Fire resistant secondary glazing can be installed to meet the requirements of The Building Regulations for A Material Change of Use - which state that fire resistant windows may be required:

* When additional living space is created by way of loft conversions
* When the use of a house or any other property is changed by converting it into flats
* When a non-residential building becomes fully or partly a residential property
* When flats are converted into single dwellings
* When a property is converted into a shop
* When a property is converted into a hotel, boarding house, institution or public building

The requirements are for the windows on the escape routes, including staircases and in protected areas such as the hallway in a flat, to be fire resistant:

* 30 Minutes fire resistance if up to three storeys
* 60 Minutes fire resistance if of four or more storeys

Building Regulations - Building Works to Existing Buildings

Steel secondary glazing with a fire resistance rating can also be used to meet the requirements of The Building Regulations - Building Works to Existing Buildings, which state that for any building works in an existing building that require Planning Permission, elements such as per-existing windows and doors must be upgraded to meet the requirements of the current Building Regulations.

For Approved Document B - Fire Safety, this will generally only apply in commercial situations.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your specific requirements if this applies.


The above information is based upon the Regulations for England & Wales. Similar Regulations apply for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire & The Channel Islands.

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