Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Condensation - A Quick Introduction!

Identifying the Causes of & Controlling Condensation
We have been helping people deal with condensation control for many years and it can be a complicated problem - understanding it is often half the battle!

Our extensive research into the problem of general condensation and condensation on windows in particular is presented in the accompanying sections, where we discuss in detail:

Condensation is Normal!
  • It occurs whenever moist, warm air, encounters a cold surface.
  • It is most common during the coolest, dampest months of the year.

The Causes of Condensation 
  • One person simply breathing adds nearly ½ a pint of water vapour to the air every hour!
  • The Building Research Establishment has carried out in-depth research into the causes of condensation and they report that:
  • "80-85% Of dampness problems arise due to man-made moisture and condensation.”

What Causes Condensation on Windows
  • It is normal for condensation to occur predominantly on the windows.
  • This can apply equally to double glazed windows.
  • Convection currents are a major culprit.
  • Condensation on bedroom windows is a major problem.

To Control, Reduce & Eliminate Condensation our team of experts have researched into the problem and we are happy to report we have had much success in dealing with this issue. To find out how you can overcome this problem please visit our website and see the servers we have to off! Condensation need no longer be a pain to deal with!



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